SnapChat Followers: How Old is the Demographic?

SnapChat is a social media platform that is perfect for those that are looking to trend younger. The site is filled with individuals in their teens and twenties that know how to utilize modern technology. SnapChat followers are smart when it comes to the tools that they have at their disposal and they are very much interested in what the latest technology can provide them. For instance, this site is focused on sharing images and utilizing, often times, a camera that will capture an image. As such, a person with a SnapChat account is likely to know how to use their phone or their desktop—though it is more likely to be a mobile device—to get through all of the steps that is necessary to post an image. This information is vital to your page growth. But why?

If you are using your SnapChat followers as a promotional audience, you want to know just what this audience is interested in. By knowing that a site is trending younger, then, you are able to tailor your content to fit their needs. As such, you want to make sure that you capitalize on this audience and talk to them about what interests them. By doing this, then, you are in a better position to grow your page and account.

Know Instagram and be visible

As we all know, Instagram is an enjoyable and eccentric way to stay connected with family, friends, and other people by sharing series of pictures. A good photo taken can linger on memory and will be kept around forever. Since Instagram let’s you stay connected with people, family, and friends through images as they happen, connect your account with your social networking site to always be visible and so that you can easily be followed. Be interactive as well by using photo captions as a teaser or to ask questions. This is another effective way to attract instagram followers, as people responds to the question or comments about the teaser line. They’d tend to follow because they’d have the desire to know if their answer or comment is like or not.

If you’re in a product-based business, upload images to Instagram that shows teasers of a product that will be released soon, or of a planned event that most people would look forward to.

Knowing how to use instagram correctly and effectively is a sure right way to increase number of followers. When people know that you use instagram for a purpose and not just for the heck of being “in the trend”, they’re most likely to follow you because the interest that they may have is not just going to be temporary.